Here are three factors that determine whether it’s time for you to sell.

Selling your home is personal, which is why your timing should depend on your specific circumstances. Here are three common factors that play a role in determining when you should sell:

1. Your lifestyle demands a move. Maybe your child is getting ready to start school and your neighborhood isn’t in a good school district. Or perhaps you’ll be an empty-nester soon, and you don’t need all that space. Your home should fit your and your family’s needs, and if it doesn’t, it could be time to move.

2. Home improvements are complete. If you’ve done all you can to remodel your home to your liking and it still isn’t conducive to your lifestyle, it may be time to sell and find something that fits you better.

3. You’re financially ready. If you can no longer afford the carrying costs associated with owning your current home, it’s better to sell sooner rather than later. Downsizing can dramatically decrease your housing costs. 

If you’re considering selling or have any questions, feel free to reach out to me via phone or email. I would love to help you.