I recently sat down with Monica Smith, an escrow officer from Texas Lone Star Title, to learn more about her career and what her company does.

Her path began when she was working for attorneys in the 1990s. After noticing a title company next door to an attorney’s office, she switched over and has been working with titles ever since.

Her company sells title insurance, which serves as peace of mind for their customers—it ensures they have a clear title for their home. The company works with real estate agents, lenders, friends, family, and essentially anyone who needs to buy or sell a home.

“The company works with essentially anyone who needs to buy or sell a home.”

Monica’s team researches titles and ensures there are no liens on a home. The end result is to find out that homeowners do, in fact, have clear ownership. However, title insurance doesn’t solve everything. Older properties can have errors that haven’t been corrected, but title insurance can help fix these situations for the most part.

One story that stood out to Monica comes from back in the 90s. Someone came in while closing on an investment property; he brought his wife in as well, but when Monica checked her driver’s license, it wasn’t his wife! Needless to say, the closing process abruptly ended and the pair skedaddled. Situations like this prove why title insurance is important!

I’d like to thank Monica for giving us an inside look at her career and her company. You can find Texas Lone Star Title at 2710 S. Fort Hood St., Suite E, Killeen, Texas 76542. To get in contact, visit their offices or check out their website at https://www.texaslonestartitle.com/.