What kind of floor plans do you have?

There is a multitude to choose from, and you can see a small selection on our website. Those are the ones we’ve been building throughout the last decade. They’re customizable, and just because you see it one way on the website doesn’t mean it has to be built that way. We talk to homeowners about how big of a space they’re looking for, special rooms they want, etc., and from there we simply make modifications to our floor plans to accommodate the changes. We want to build you a home where you can make use of every space.

What are the most popular floor plans?

It may sound silly, but it’s usually whichever ones are seen. People are visual, and as custom home builders, we don’t have every floor plan under construction at one time. I can show a floor plan on paper, but if I walk someone through an actual place they can get a physical sense of a home. Lately, the most popular plan has been the San Gabriel, which has a media room. The only thing is that it’s a very wide floor plan, so there has to be a lot big enough to accommodate it. The Comel, Bosque, and Salinas are also quite popular.

“95% of the homes we build are forever homes, so we think longevity.”

What rooms do your clients like to customize the most?

They like to customize kitchens and bathrooms—the master bathroom in particular. 95% of the homes we build are forever homes, so we think longevity. There may be a potential of wheelchairs or walkers in the future, so we need to keep that accessibility in mind. We think long-term and pray it’s not the case, but we plan for it anyway.

How often do clients almost go over budget?

They almost go over every time. I always tell my homeowners to dream big; I don’t want to tell you what you can and can’t put in your home, but I can guide you. The important side of my job is the guidance I give. Appraisers don’t care about all the pretty things you want in your home—they look for energy efficiency, spaces, etc. We can give you the nice things you want, but some deeper conversations may need to happen to really weigh the options.

How long does it typically take to build new?

For some people, the time from them walking through my door to them living in their home is a year. It’s dependent on whether or not we need to find land. It takes about six to nine months after we go to contract (when land, a floor plan, and selections have been decided upon).

Why do you like working with clients and their Realtors?

It takes a lot of stress off of me. It helps a lot when finding the right neighborhood or piece of land, and we know they’re being brought in as pre-qualified homebuyers with the money to afford a home. I don’t have to have that awkward conversation. Realtors also help to set the tone for us and act as a point of contact for clients.

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