The three key steps every buyer should take after a home inspection.

There are three items buyers need to discuss with their real estate agent after receiving and reviewing a home inspection report: 

  1. Prioritize. The most important elements in the report should be prioritized, rather than fighting tooth and nail over every defect discovered. Be sure to concentrate on what’s most crucial and what you’d like from the seller. 
  2. Estimate. Estimate how much it will cost to fix what is found in the report before contacting the seller.
  3. Compromise. Ask yourself what you can live with; does the repair need to occur before you move in, or can it wait? For example, perhaps the seller gives you a set amount of money to do the repairs yourself after you move in because there’s not enough time for them to do it before the closing. On the other hand, if the seller agrees to make repairs, you need to schedule a walk-through to inspect the changes.

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