Here’s what it takes to prepare your home for the 2021 spring market.

If you’re thinking about selling your home in spring 2021, one of the first things you should do is specify a clear target date—by what point exactly do you need to have your home sold? After that, take a look at your home’s curb appeal; make sure everything concerning your landscaping and exterior is in tip-top, showable shape. Slowly work your way inside, turning your focus toward decluttering rooms and organizing your belongings. Store, toss, or donate items that you don’t use anymore and might distract potential buyers from your home’s great features. Your goal is to trigger the emotions of a buyer by allowing them to easily envision their lifestyle in the home. 

Next, start tackling some of those maintenance issues that you’ve been putting off for a while like loose fixtures, cracked windows, and water spots on the ceiling. Dealing with any major repairs is a must, even in a strong seller’s market like ours. If you do those simple things, your home will be ready for the spring market, and you can expect to sell quickly for top dollar.

As always, reach out to me via phone or email with any questions or real estate needs you may have. If you’re embarking on a 2021 home-selling journey and want some guidance, I’d love to get the conversation going today.